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Web Links

General Student Resources

The Avalon Project at Yale University provides access to many of the nation's most important documents.

The National Archives has an excellent site devoted to the Electoral College.

Etext provides free books online from the University of Virginia. These can be downloaded and read using Microsoft Reader. You can find Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography, Letters from Thomas Jefferson, and numerous other resources.

The Historical Census Browser allows exploration of demographic information from census data from 1790 through 1960. You can manipulate variables to determine ethnicity, enslaved populations, education and literacy.

The History Place is a repository of transcripts of great speeches in history including those by John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, and Patrick Henry, and George Washington.

Oyez is a database of Supreme Court cases. These are chronicled by decades and include contemporary and historic decisions. Podcasts are available on many historical cases for download. 

The Lowell Milken Center works with schools around the world to teach respect and understanding among all people, by developing projects about unsung heroes whose actions promote these values, regardless of race, religion and creed. These projects are in the form of performances, documentaries and exhibits, or other creative ideas.

Primary Source Resources

The American Presidency Project has an archive of thousands of presidential documents, proclamations, executive orders, and speeches. It is maintained by the University of California, Santa Barbara.

The Library of Congress and American Memory Collection provide access to the nation’s most valuable documents and artifacts.

National Archives and Records Administration. Use the ARC Search engine to conduct research of online resources.

Our Documents. The Top 100 Milestone Documents in American History by time period.

Presidential Libraries. Links to all presidential libraries