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Web Links



AcademicInfo: Subject Guides and Online Degrees features resources for current teachers such research tools, writing guides, journals, and books as well as study information for prospective teachers.

A2ZCDS provides low cost primary source materials and photographic CDs.

The Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ashland University seeks to reinvogorate the serious study of the principles of American liberty and self-government. The Center sponsors teacher’s institutes and seminars and maintains an invaluable website that among other things features a Teaching American History section that includes podcasts by eminent historians, lesson plans, and documents.

The Birthday Chronicle is low cost software that allows teachers to print birthday certificates for their students featuring "Your Day in History."

Creation Station offers fun Famous Be'an (dolls) of historic and literary figures. These can be used for displays, projects, or given as prizes.

EarthStation 1 has numerous multi-media resources including audio, video, and still pictures for presentations. Available at low cost on CDs and DVDs.

The National Archives has excellent lesson plans for teaching the Electoral College.

The website of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is a treasure-trove for teachers and students. It features podcasts by eminent historians discussing their recently published books, historical documents from the Institute's vast archive, an on-line journal entitled History Now, teacher lesson plans, and professional development seminars for teachers.

Hotpotatoes is a FREE program that allows you to make quizzes, crossword puzzles, jumbled sentences, and more.

Interact produces exceptional historical simulations complete with student resource materials and background information.

The Magazine of History is the monthly publication of the Organization of American Historians. Each issue is devoted to a specific theme and contains primary source materials and excellent lesson plans.



Daryl Cagle's Political Cartoons is an excellent site for current event issues and for lesson plans on using political cartoons in the classroom.

Electoral Maps for Presidential Elections chronicles all U.S. elections from 1789 to present.

The History Place provides numerous primary source materials and features such things as "the speech of the week" and "this month in history." It also provides students with homework advice.

The Library of Congress has a search engine for its Political Cartoons. A student cartoon analysis guide and a flash tutorial for students are provided in the No Laughing Matter website.

Kathy Schrock is a media specialist who maintains an amazing site for various subjects including history and the social studies.

Professional materials and resources are also available for teachers to use with their classes including free clip art, puzzle makers, lesson planners, and more.

National Debt Clock shows the current debt for each citizen in the United States.

Teachertube offers a wide variety of videos that can be downloaded and used with classes or in professional development activities. These include subject related materials, lesson plans and student projects.

United States Census provides outstanding data and information concerning the demographics of the country.

Population Center for the United States