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Geography Resources and Review

Geography Applications Volume I

Test your Knowledge with these U.S. History Tutorials and Games

Game: "Locate the State" — tests your ability to identify the 50 states

Game: “Sea to Shining Sea”— tests your knowledge of the important geographical features of the United States

Game: “Colonists”— tests knowledge of the European powers that competed to dominate the American continents

Game: “Indians”— a challenging quiz about specific Native American tribes

Game: “Expansion Concentration”— quiz on key people, events, and geography related to U.S. territorial expansion

Game: “History Map” Test

Animated Atlas of the United States” mini-movie detailing the history of the changing map of the United States

The States” from the History Channel. Great resource with statistics, fun facts, and history of every state in the union

Digital History”— timeline with awesome interactive illustration of the history of the United States based on the geographic location of key events

Test Your Geography: The USA Quiz quizzes students on the location of the 50 states

Test Your Geography: The USA State Capital Quiz quizzes students on the location of all 50 state capitals

Test Your Geography: The USA Major Cities Quiz quizzes students on the location of 158 major US cities

U.S. Territorial Maps 1775-1920”— colorful historical maps of the U.S. that would work well for use in PowerPoint presentations

U.S. Physical Map

U.S. Regions

U.S. Map