Premium Roadmap at a Glance

Team HOPE (History Opens Eyes) invites you to explore the Premium Roadmap Web site where we are pleased to share the following features.

On the Premium Home Page …

1. Premium Media includes audiotapes of pre-1900 speeches, monthly audio Podcasts on historical events from author William J. Bennett, and the opportunity for students to submit their favorite speeches from American history.
2. This Day in American History provides interesting stories and facts for every day of the year.
3. "Ask Team HOPE." Classes can submit questions related to American history and Last Best Hope, which will be answered by Team HOPE and posted on the Premium web site.
4. Your Lessons, Projects, Essays and More … Teachers and their students can submit lessons, essays, paintings, music, projects, and new material for the Premium site that specifically coincides with Last Best Hope chapters.
5. HOPETube will be your chance to produce and share plays on historical figures, scenes and events.
6. Live Webcam Conversations with Dr. Bennett every semester.
7. HOPE Archive, will house all teacher and student-submitted materials in one location but Team HOPE needs you to help us develop this section.

Found within each of the separate Last Best Hope Volumes …

8. Extensive series of Mnemonics, Plays, and Debates to reinforce and extend events addressed in each chapter.
9. Beyond Last Best Hope has expanded curriculum offerings beyond the Reagan presidency to present times for schools needing this material.
10. Narrative text available through the following: Last Best Hope for your eBook Reader, Audio Recordings, and Read Last Best Hope Online.

We look forward to your participation and ideas. There is no time like the present to get students excited and knowledgeable about the past.